About Me


I am from Vancouver, BC and I grew up in Mission, BC. I studied Computer Science at UBC. I completed a Master's degree in human-computer interaction in the Interaction Lab at the University of Saskatchewan. I am interested in solving real-world problems using technology.

You can contact me at brett@ this domain.




NoteByMail is a text note and voice memo app for iOS. I created this app to streamline a common task I found myself doing on my iPhone. Since I tend to manage important notes and reminders by sending myself mail so I could track them from my inbox, I found myself frequently composing a new email and sending it to myself. This took too many steps if I was in a hurry. With NoteByMail, all I need to do is type a note or record a voice memo and tap send. From there, it will be sent by mail and appear in my inbox.


picgo.com is a customizable and elegant photo album hosting service that uses photos stored in Dropbox. It enables users to take their Dropbox photos and instantly create simple photo albums and share them online. But unlike the Dropbox photo album, picgo albums are customizable through captions, controlling the order that photos appear in an album and more. Is is written in Python using Django and hosted on Google App Engine.


Selected Older Projects


Remote Desktop Web (RDW), 2008
Remote Desktop Web is a cross-platform remote desktop server written in Java that only requires the remote client to have a web browser that supports JavaScript/Ajax.

quizmeBC, 2001
Developed in 2000, quizmeBC is a free service to grade 12 students taking provincial exams in science and math. It uses a collection of previous exam questions to dynamically generate tailored practice exams for students based on their needs.